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PECAN CHICKEN & PECAN GROUPER - Both items are dipped in a pecan flour, sauteed to brown them,
and finish the items in the oven with a pecan and butter sauce with toasted pecans.

CRAB CAKES - Made with fresh Florida blue crab, no filler, just a little mayonnaise and seasonings, dipped in
bread crumbs and sauteed to perfection.

POACHED SALMON - Cooked perfectly in a white wine and chicken stock with fresh thyme.  It is served
with rice and the veggie of the day.

ATHENS GROUPER - A grouper fillet that has a lovely fresh tomato sauce with Greek olive, feta cheese
and Chardonnay wine.  If you like those tangy Greek flavors, this is a great choice.

TUSCAN SHRIMP & PASTA - We use our red bell pepper, mushroom and onion sauce with Tuscan white
beans, sun dried tomatos and large pink Key West shrimp served over angel hair pasta.

CRUNCHY GROUPER - A grouper fillet dredged in crushed corn flakes and sauteed to a golden brown.
Served with red beans and rice and fried green tomatos.

TARRAGON CHICKEN SALAD - Made with chunks of chicken breast, tarragon, mayonnaise with walnuts,
celery and a little onion.  It is served side by side with a fresh fruit salad.

CHICKEN SALAD CROISSANT - A croissant stuffed with the Tarragon Chicken Salad, steamed broccoli
and swiss cheese and then toasted.  It comes with our soup of the day or potato salad.

SHRIMP SALAD - Made with large pink Key West shrimp, celery, mayonnaise and olives.  Served with a
fresh fruit salad.

GREEK CHICKEN SALAD - Large green salad with pieces of poached chicken, Feta cheese, Greek olives,
and a Greek vinaigrette dressing topped with our basil potato salad and served with fresh fruit.

MIXED VEGGIE & BACON QUICHE - A mixture of veggies of the day with mushrooms, onions and sweet
red pepper, Swiss and cheddar cheese and bacon.  Served with fresh fruit.
Lunch is served from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.
Lunch is served from 11:30am until 2:30 pm.
Reservations are recommended, please call
All Major Credit Cards accepted.
Inquire about our lunch gift certificates for that special occasion.
Please note that during the summer hours from
May thru October we are closed on Mondays
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Our kitchen staff preparing another
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